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One of the best things a client can do is get themselves organized so that their website needs and the functionality of their site is crystal clear to both themselves and their designer. Luckily, We’ve made this easier for you and created our own checklist that we use for all our clients:

Yassin&Ward’s Website Design and Development Checklist

Web Site Technical Details

  • Have you registered a domain name?
  • Will you need hosting?
  • Will your visitors require any special needs? Mobile version of site, multiple language support, larger type for easier reading, etc.)
  • Do you want a CMS (content management system) website where you can update the site yourself and add content?
  • Will you need education on using a CMS?
  • Will this be an e-commerce website? Will you be selling any products or taking payments on your website?
  • Are there any specific features you would like included? Log in ability, calendars, forums, blog, subscription services, membership, video?

Web Site Design Marketing Objectives

  • What is your primary objective with the site?
    • Establishing your credibility
    • Describing your products or services
    • Completing sales transactions
    • Offering customer service and support
    • Communicating company identity or branding
  • What are your secondary objectives?
    • Search engine friendly?
    • Generate repeat traffic?
    • Encourage visitors to recommend it to others?
    • Create an online community, send emails?
    • Increase customer loyalty?
    • Encourage visitors to stay and visit many parts of the site?
  • How do you expect to use the site?
  • Will people find you by searching or because you gave them your URL?

Target Audience

  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your target audience looking for?
  • What questions are your customers constantly asking you?
  • What can we include that would WOW your customers?

Web Site Design Look and Feel

  • Have you seen any sites that you would like to model yours after? Or site designs to avoid?
  • What do you like about those sites?
  • What colours do you prefer for the site?
  • What image the site should convey?
  • Is your site going to be image or video heavy?
  • Vertical or horizontal navigation bar preference?
  • Are you interested in animation?
  • Do we need to take photos of you, your staff, your services, or your products?
  • Do you have any vendor supplied photos or graphics you are authorized to use?

Logo & Brand

  • Do you have a logo?
  • Do you have a digital copy of it?
  • Do you have a brand identity and brand standards?
  • Do you have a tag line?

Web Site Content

  • Do you have any existing written materials we can start from?
  • Do you need a copywriter? If you are using existing copy on your current website, will it need to be modified in any way?
  • Do you have this information electronically?
    • Hard copy brochures
    • Client presentations
    • Customer letters
    • Information flyers
    • Case studies
    • Customer testimonial letters
    • Your resume
  • What menu categories make sense for you. Here are some common choices:
    • Home
    • Services-how many
    • Product categories
    • Customers
    • Testimonials
    • FAQs
    • Blog
    • Articles or other informative topics
    • About us
    • Contact us

Search Engine Optimization

  • Will you want SEO?
  • What search terms do you expect your customers will use to find you?
  • What organizations, companies or sites can we ask to link to your site?
  • What organizations, companies or sites would be valuable resources for your visitors?

Web Site Maintenance

  • How often do you envision updating the site?
  • Will you be updating it yourself or have someone else do it?


  • What is your deadline, timing or exact date of completion for your website?
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