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Lachlan McAdam


Alias: The Smoke
Sign: Pisces
Favourite Food:  Chicken Parmesan and Chocolate (not necessarily together)
Hobbies: Kickboxing, Camping, Hiking, Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse
Languages: English
Years in the industry: Since 2007
Education: Multiple photography and technical lighting courses at Emily Carr and Vancouver Photo Workshops. Countless hours of online photography tutorials and seminars.

Bragging Rights: Presented by the curator of the Fashion Museum of Paris, his fashion photos were exclusively used to represent Vancouver during the North American tour to celebrate Yves Saint Laurent’s 50th anniversary.

Vision, Focus, Technical Direction! Lachlan is obsessed with lighting. Whether he’s meticulously adjusting lights for a cocktail party at home, or designing an elaborate studio lighting setup for a portrait, he insists on creating the perfect mood. While his partner Emily focuses her attention on the client, he ensures the studio lighting is fine-tuned and seamlessly calibrated to create the final image he envisioned. When it comes to photography, Lachlan continually demonstrates that custom lighting makes the difference.

With his roots in fashion photography, Lachlan is also accustomed to high pressure situations. He thrives in circumstances where you only get one shot to deliver for your client, as the hustle channels his focus and determination.

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