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Cosmas Ward-Yassin

Client Care

Alias: The Hound Dog
Sign: Pisces
Favourite Food: Peanut Butter, Bison, Apple
Hobbies: Running, Fetching Shoes, Playing with friends
Languages: English / Dog
Years in the industry: Since 2015
Education: Leash of Hope Assistance Dog Training

Bragging Rights: He knows a number of useful tricks including pushing the walk button on crosswalks, fetching items for his co workers and playing dead.

Cosmas is in charge of our client care.  Trust us, no one is better appointed to make our clients feel appreciated.  Besides the “lean” against your leg and the head nuzzle, he’s also excellent at putting away your socks or fetching your shoes when you’re ready to leave.

Although he doesn’t participate much in the creative, he’s always a source of entertainment and reminds us all the importance of taking a break and going for a walk.

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