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Emily Rose White


Alias: The Mirrors
Sign: Leo
Favourite Food: Pirogies
Hobbies: Hunting, Sailing, Fishing, Camping, Hiking & Trail Running with her part-time dog, Kickboxing, gourmet cooking & drinking boxed wine.
Languages: English / French
Years in the industry: Since 2009
Education: University of Victoria, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bragging Rights: She’s an accomplished sailor, certified to command a vessel up to 85 feet in international waters!

Presentation, Composition, Art Direction! Emily loves to excel at her craft and ensures her photography clients get the best product. While some photographers stay silent behind the camera and focus only on “the shot”, Emily’s first priority is client comfort. Her ability to engage, connect and make her subjects laugh always delivers more relaxed and natural photographs and a more pleasurable experience.

While her partner Lachlan is always ensuring the lighting is just right, she is focusing on the details within the shot. From a more flattering camera angle, a stray hair or creased blouse, Emily insists you and your photos look your best!

Whether it’s your personal headshot or custom online creative images, her eye for detail and ability to make clients feel at ease ensures your photographic content is at its finest.

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